Skaters – Manhattan

How many bartenders do you know that claim to be musicians? We all know a couple and their so-called music careers never really amount to a hill of beans. The members of Skaters are the exception. These four guys are from New York City and have all worked slinging drinks at various bars. Using their experiences from working that particular job has been used to write the music. The songs are like an ode to their native city and all its glory, mass of humanity and energy. In the background of several of the tracks on the album if you listen intently you can hear authentic NYC sounds like the subway or New Yorkers engaged in conversation. All this means that the title of the album is no accident and has definitely influenced most things about Skaters music. The songs tell the tale of parties, hanging with friends and driving around the Big Apple. An interesting look at what it is to be young in the city that never sleeps. Soundwise their debut album on the Warner Bros. Records firmly slots them in the alt-rock category. Skaters is all about crunch guitars, growling vocals and thumping drums. You’ll hear hints of The Strokes, The Clash, Interpol, Ramones and My Bloody Valentine in what goes on here.

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