The Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat: 45th Anniversary

With Lou Reed’s death recently this reissue of The Velvet Underground’s album is a timely and fitting tribute to the artist. This is Lou Reed at his most guitar god like. His playing and the songs on the album are rough and loud. Between Lou Reed’s guitar, Mo Tucker’s drums, John Cale’s organ and Sterling Morrison’s guitar this is a battle royale to the death and may the loudest one win. A fantastic example of American punk at its feedback and thrashing best. Recorded in his beloved New York City in 1967 White Light/White Heat is rated by many Velvet Underground fans as their strongest front to back effort. The reissue Super Deluxe Edition is a must for fans as it contains 3 CDs and plenty of extras including a bootlegged version of a live gig at The Gymnasium in NYC from 1967 and some liner notes from Lou Reed.

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