Jeff Dunham’s: Achmed Saves America – Blu-ray Edition

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s most popular puppet is Achmed the Dead Terrorist. After introducing this character to the public on his tours Achmed has now become a character in his own animated film.

Achmed finds himself in Americaville, US where he is believed by the local folk to be a French (?) exchange student. Actually he is there to try and destroy the town. He wants to rid it of all the “infidels”. His plot of destruction turns into a lovefest after he discovers all the great things Americaville offers like all you can eat buffets and frozen yogurt.

Disappointing is the best way to describe this 60 minute animated film. Picture a cheap and poorly written version of a Seth MacFarlane production. Full of what I think they believed were clever pop culture references and instead they just make you want to hit your head against the wall. Over and over. The stereotypes were too much for me to handle. That plus the one trick pony that is the shtick that is Achmed and you have an hour of your life wasted.

Special Features: The Making of Achmed Saves America

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