B.O.B – Underground Luxury

Whether we like to admit it or not life functions on the back of stereotypes. Preconceived ideas or generalizations are our shortcuts. We expect certain things of different groups of people. Blondes are dumb. Kids are noisy. Rappers are failed musicians. Well, B.O.B is the proof that the last stereotype is not true or at least all inclusive. B.O.B can rap (very well), sing (decently) as well as play guitar and piano (very well). His third album does not live up to his potential. If you have heard any of his mixtapes then you know what he is capable of. This just isn’t it. Maybe it is the pressure from the label. Maybe he isn’t free to do what he wants. Who knows. I just know that he has released this and while there are several catchy songs (“Paper Route” is especially strong) most are throwaways. When you do stumble across those stronger tracks it is like finding a diamond in a load of coal. Messy, but when you get to it it is totally worth it. They are so good that you wish they would be longer. Guy has talent he just hasn’t learned how to channel it all the time.

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