Little House on the Prairie: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

If you grew up during the 1960s and 1970s then this show will bring back waves of nostalgia watching it as an adult for it was on every young (and even some not so young) person’s watch list. Our parents encouraged us to watch it for all its wholesomeness and the good lessons it taught us. It was watched by so many that was a total ratings winner for NBC for many seasons. Universal in its messages its popularity continued for another generation. Even kids growing up in the 1980s and 1990s know it because other television stations then ran it in reruns on weekends. If you were a fan then this blu-ray edition is the one you want because the shows are being released in the unedited way they were first shown on television. Just as you might remember them. Plus they have remastered the episodes so they look brighter and clearer than ever.

Pilot: Little House on the Prairie: Big Woods, Wisconsin is no longer the fertile hunting grounds it once was. As a result Charles Ingalls (played by Michael Landon) decides to move his family to the more luscious lands of Kansas.

Episode 1: A Harvest of Friends: Charles Ingalls decides to move his family to Walnut Grove, Minnesota. He builds his family home and then goes into town looking for work.

Episode 2: Country Girls: Laura (played by Melissa Gilbert) and Mary (played by Melissa Sue Anderson) are worried about their first day of school. They soon find it is not so bad as their classmates are nice as is their teacher.

Episode 3: 100 Mile Walk: Charles his happy with his wheat crop and that it will give him enough money to buy his family some needed new clothes. His happiness is short lived due to a storm that destroys the entire crop.

Episode 4: Mr. Edwards’ Homecoming: On his way to Mankato Charles runs into his old friend Mr. Edwards (played by Victor French), who is quite drunk. Wanting to help him out he asks his friend to come to Walnut Grove to live with the Ingalls.

Episode 5: The Love of Johnny Johnson: Laura falls for the new boy, Johnny Johnson (played by Mitch Vogel). Tension is caused between the sisters when Johnny develops feelings for Mary.

Episode 6: If I Should Wake Before I Die: Elderly Amy Hearn (played by Josephine Hutchinson) feels like her kids don’t visit her enough. Desperate to see them she stages her own funeral.

Episode 7: Town Party, Country Party: Laura makes friends with classmate Olga Nordstrom (played by Kim Richards), a girl born with one leg shorter than the other. Charles thinks he can do something to make Olga’s life better but convincing her father (played by Jan Merlin) won’t be easy.

Episode 8: Ma’s Holiday: Charles has to make a business trip to Mankato and wants to bring Caroline (played by Karen Grassle) for a romantic getaway. They leave the girls with Mr. Edwards but it works out not as anyone would have hoped.

Episode 9: School Mom: When the teacher suffers an injury Caroline is asked to stand in for her. Caroline is drawn to a quiet boy who doesn’t seem interested in school she thinks she can help.

Episode 10: The Raccoon: Mary feels guilty for accidentally breaking Laura’s china doll so she brings her home a baby raccoon to make up for it. Charles is hesitant to let her keep it but after he is convinced to do so ends up ultimately regretting his decision.

Episode 11: The Voice of Tinker Jones: Conflict arises over how to finance a new bell for the church. Soon church is a divided place.

Episode 12: The Award: While studying in the barn late one night Mary knocks over a lamp and almost burns it down. Caroline is furious with her and forbids her from taking the special history test.

Episode 13: The Lord is My Shepherd, Part 1: Caroline gives birth to a baby boy. Soon after Charles Jr. falls deathly ill.

Episode 14: The Lord is My Shepherd, Part 2: Laura is convinced she is responsible for her baby brother’s death. After running away to the mountains she meets an older man named Jonathan (played by Ernest Borgnine) who shows her that God still loves her.

Episode 15: Christmas at Plum Creek: Christmas is coming and the Ingalls don’t have much money for gifts. Everyone tries harder to earn some extra.

Episode 16: Family Quarrel: Nels (played by Richard Bull) has a huge argument with his wife. He moves out of the house and into the hotel.

Episode 17: Doctor’s Lady: Harriet Oleson’s (played by Katherine MacGregor) niece Kate (played by Anne Archer) comes for a visit. She immediately falls for Doc Baker (played by Kevin Hagen) and despite their age difference a romance begins.

Episode 18: Plague: An outbreak of typhus threatens the town. Doc Baker tries to find the diseases source.

Episode 19: Circus Man: Will O’Hara (played by Red Buttons) convinces Charles to let him set up his act in front of the Ingalls’ home. When he starts peddling a powder that he claims can cure everything and it almost leads to Mrs. Oleson’s death Charles asks him to leave.

Episode 20: Child of Pain: Graham Stewart (played by Johnny Lee) arrives at school almost every day with a different injury. When his father in a drunken rage almost kills him this gives the townsfolk the courage to do something.

Episode 21: Money Crop: A farmer with a college education named Joe Coulter (played by Alan Fudge) and his pregnant wife move to Walnut Grove. Joe introduces the other farmers to a hybrid corn that produces better crops and offers to go to Makato to buy them their seed.

Episode 22: Survival: Charles decides to bring Caroline and the kids along with him on his spring trip to Mankato. On their way back they are hit by a blizzard.

Episode 23: To See the World: Johnny Johnson leaves to go and see the world. To make sure he stays out of trouble Mr. Edwards goes along with him.

Episode 24: Founder’s Day: It is almost time for Founder’s Day in Walnut Grove. Everyone starts preparing for the games and competitions.

Special Features: Original Telefilm, Original Screen Tests for Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert, The Little House Phenomenon – Part 1, A Place in Television History, Digital Copy

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