Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed – Blu-ray Edition

An hour exploring the wacky mind that is comedian/author/actor Jim Gaffigan. If you are familiar with his work then none of this will be strange to you and all of it will be funny. Newcomers will be happy they watched it as they will have another addition to their favourite comedians cache.

What Jim Gaffigan does better than most is take an everyday situation that we can relate to and make it wickedly funny because his odd take on it. Because of this he is the type of comedian that a wide range of people like. You’ll find yourself wiping away tears of laughter over fairly innocuous subjects like seafood versus steak. Come to think of it much of his best material is about food. For instance, he resurrects his fantastic Hot Pockets bit. The normalcy of what he chooses to talk about is accentuated by the quietness and calmness of his delivery that is distinctively his own.

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