Metronomy – Love Letters

Simplicity is the name of the game on British synth-pop band Metronomy’s latest album, Love Letters.  Instead of allowing it to become too mopey (as the subject matter and tone is rather dark on most tracks) they bring in the sun by adding some texture and layers. I would qualify the overall atmosphere of the album as intimate rather than dark. A track like “Call Me” might be poo pooed by the harshest of critics but if you give it a real listen you will be won over. Especially when you realize that there are light songs like “Boy Racers” and “Reservoir” to counterbalance things. Most of the stuff here does have a “sound” to it though it doesn’t sound like the same song over and over though you can certainly recognize the cohesiveness. Sometimes their sound is influenced by Neil Young while others you can hear some Talking Heads or The Cure. They manage to use these influences without allowing them to take over and render the music unoriginal.

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