Laverne & Shirley: The Final Season

While watching this the final season of this comedy series I came to the conclusion that Penny Marshall was the Lucille Ball of her generation.  The series asked her to do the things that Lucille Ball did – comedy, bad singing and dancing. Not that I as saying she did it as well but well enough to warrant the comparison.

In the final season the show really chugged to the end. It certainly isn’t comedy gold that is happening here. Even Cindy Williams left before the bitter end. She only appears in the first couple of episodes and then is written off with the weak story that she just up and left without saying “bye” to her best friend Laverne (played by Penny Marshall). It was not really believable that Shirley (played by Cindy Williams) would leave without a teary goodbye. This abrupt departure was due to the fighting between the two leads and the fact that Williams had gotten pregnant in real life.

Episode 1: The Mummy’s Bride: A quick romance leads to Shirley and Walter getting married. Cindy worries about how she is going to break the news to Carmine (played by Eddie Mekka).

Episode 2: Window on Main Street: Because she is claustrophobic Laverne sees a hypnotist to cure her of it so she and Shirley can spend the weekend in the shop window in a display of “the home of the future”. Without them knowing the hypnotist accidentally makes the two ladies act like chickens every time they hear a bell.

Episode 3: The Note: Laverne is very upset when she finds a very short goodbye note from Shirley. Shirley has decided to move overseas with her husband.

Episode 4: Lost in Spacesuits: Laverne gets a very boring job at Ajax Aerospace. To inject some spice in her work life Laverne tries out an anti-gravity spacesuit but trouble occurs when she cannot get it off.

Episode 5: The Playboy Show: Rhonda (played by Leslie Easterbrook) sends Laverne to the Playboy Club to pick up an application for her. In the end it is Laverne who ends up competing for the job.

Episode 6: Death Row (Part 1): A gang planning a bank robbery trick Laverne into joining them. When the bank robbery is botched Laverne ends up in jail.

Episode 7: Death Row (Part 2): In a case of mistaken identity, Laverne and Sheba (played by Laraine Newman) end up on death row. Unless she can get Lenny (played by Michael McKean) and Squiggy (played by David L.Lander) to tell her father (played by Phil Foster) what has happened, Laverne might be executed at midnight.

Episode 8: Jinxed: Laverne is suffering through a string of bad luck. Her friends and father are convinced she is jinxed due to throwing out a chain letter.

Episode 9: Of Mice and Men: Laverne comes up with a plan to instill some courage and confidence in her boyfriend Wheezer (played by Jim Belushi). It backfires and it is Laverne who has to rescue him.

Episode 10: The Gymnast Show: Laverne begins dating a former trapeze artist. She then believes he is trying to kill her.

Episode 11: The Monastery Show: After going to confession, Laverne heads off to spend a couple of weeks in a convent in order to get her life in order. It proves to be more difficult than she thought as she has to take a vow of silence.

Episode 12: Defective Ballet: Squiggy is mistaken for a Russian ballet dancer who is attempting to defect. As a result the KGB demands that he dance for his life.

Episode 13: The Baby Show: Sgt. Plout (played by Vicki Lawrence) shows up on Laverne’s door looking for a place to stay. Not only has she been kicked out of the Army but she is also pregnant.

Episode 14: The Rock & Roll Show: Laverne advises her friend Chuck (played by Charles Fleischer) to start a band. Squiggy books a gig for them but when Laverne realizes they are bad she has to come up with a plan.

Episode 15: The Fashion Show: Laverne is going out with a fashion photographer. She becomes quite jealous of the models he works with and sneaks into one of his shows.

Episode 16: Short on Time: Laverne is given the opportunity to sing on stage with The Spinners. That becomes iffy when Chuck reminds her she had promised to babysit his pet chimp.

Episode 17: The Ghost Story: It becomes obvious that Laverne’s apartment is being haunted by a ghost. Rhonda decides to hold a séance in order to get rid of the ghost.

Episode 18: Please Don’t Feed the Buzzards: Lenny and Squiggy find a treasure map. They start off on hunt for the treasure in the desert with Carmine and Frank.

Episode 19: How’s Your Sister?: Squiggy pays Carmine to take his sister (played by David L. Lander) out on a date. Things get interesting when she falls hard for Carmine.

Episode 20: Do the Carmine: Carmine is booked by the host (played by Jay Leno) of American Dance Party to sing his latest song on the show. Soon Carmine’s single becomes a hit.

Episode 21: Here Today Hair Tomorrow: Carmine decides to move to New York to try and become a stage actor. He has to say goodbye to everyone including Laverne.

Episode 22: Chairman De Fazio: The current councilman has a plan to tear down Cowboy Bill’s in order to build a skyscraper. To stop this, Frank decides to run against him.

Special Features: Original Promos For All Episodes, Gag Reel

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