Planet of the Apes: Billingual – Blu-ay Edition

The first Planet Of the Apes (1968) film left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. With several societal issues that related to life in the late sixties and early seventies; Americans readily accepted this science fiction movie as our planet’s possible future direction or demise. As Americans faced racial unrest and the first astronaut walked on the lunar surface; everything imaginable was possible. Our collective mind-set was ready to accept anything.

NASA astronaut Charlton Heston and his two fellow astronauts become stranded on a planet that is controlled by apes. We later realize that the planet Heston lands on is indeed earth in the future.

Special Features:

-Beyond the Forbidden Zone

-Public Service Announcement From ANSA

-Evolution of the Apes

-Impact of the Apes

-Behind the Planet of the Apes

-Behind the Planet of the Apes Promo

-The Archives of the Apes

-Original Theatrical Trailer

-The Galleries of the Apes

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