Date A Live: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

The world has been rocked by Spatial Quakes and is still reeling. It needs some leadership to set things right. Shidoh is not who you would think of in that role though in trying times it is not always the most obvious that rise to the top. He doesn’t stand out at home or at school. What he does have going for him is that women from the galaxy cannot keep their hands off him. It is soon discovered that the Quakes can be stopped through the romancing of the extraterrestrial Spirits responsible for them. Soon Shidoh becomes the hero the world has been looking for.

Episode 1: April 1x: Shidoh is a high school student who lives at home in Tengu City. The city is in a state of chaos due to the Spatial Quakes.

Episode 2: Another Close Encounter: Shidoh practices making women fall for him. He once again runs into the Spirit Princess.

Episode 3: For the Sky and the Sword: Using the support of Ratatoskr, Shidoh goes on a date with Tohka. They are being watched from a distance by Origami.

Episode 4: Sullen Rain: On a rainy day Shidoh meets the elusive Hermit. Tohka and Origami have a fight at school over Shidoh.

Episode 5: Frozen Ground: In order to look for Hermit’s puppet Shidoh goes to Origami’s apartment. Reine and Tohka discuss Tohka’s feelings for Shindoh.

Episode 6: Romantic Hot Springs: A voyage to the Tengu City hot springs is decided upon by Shidoh and the Spirits. Their trip is not without its challenges.

Episode 7: Visitors: Origami and the others are joined in the fight by a young AST. Shido’s school gets another transfer student.

Episode 8: (Sub) Triple Capriccio: On the same day Shidoh goes out on dates with Tohka, Origami and Kurumi. The question is whether they will find out about the multiple dates.

Episode 9: Frenzied Nightmare: Shido and the others go up against the Nightmare. They get some help from somewhere unexpected.

Episode 10: (Sub) Flame Spirit (Ifrit): The truth about his and Kotori’s powers is revealed to Shidoh. Details about Origami’s past are revealed.

Episode 11: (Sub) Countdown: In preparation for his date with Kotori, Shidoh goes shopping for a bathing suit with Yoshino and Tokha. Origami discovers things about Ifrit.

Episode 12: That Which Cannot be Forgiven: Shido and Kotori have fun on their date at an amusement park. That is until Origami interrupts.

Special Features: Textless Opening & Closing Songs, U.S. Trailer, Additional Trailers

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