Skrillex – Recess

There have been many complaints about the music DJ Skrillex’s music. His reliance upon dubstep has induced many a headache from listeners. Not everyone, but enough that it obviously influenced Skrillex to make a little change of musical direction. It shows that he thinks about evolution and not becoming trapped in one style. Keeping things fresh is always a good idea.

Despite the fact that most would consider Skrillex a veteran of the electronic music scene as he has been around for six years or so, Recess is his first full-length album release. The songs on the album show a kinder, gentler Skrillex. That is despite songs with titles like “F*@k That”. It is still dance music though with less testosterone. Less wrenching and more listener friendly. Though if you are a fan then fear not as there are still elements of his music which remain. Lots of low end, distorted vocals, grinding edges, and different sounds colliding to make an even bigger noise. There’s just less of it.

The twenty-six year old is obviously a student of his preferred musical genre as he gives us a sampling of a lot of it. Skrillex gives us a guided tour through dance music with its variety of sounds. You get dancehall, house, techno, and two-step. There are also some nice guest appearances by hip hop star Chance the Rapper, jungle pioneers Ragga Twins and Diplo.

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