Clean Bandit – New Eyes

Mixed results. Those two words sum up the debut album of dance act Clean Bandit. Some of the twelve tracks are great while others are fairly weak. It almost sounds like two different albums fused together at times. All of it has a light feeling to it and most of it is catchy. Where they go wrong is when they force some hybrid sounds. For instance, the first single off the album is the first track called “Mozart’s House”. It is an attempt to mix electronica with classical. Not successful. Rather than sounding cohesive and organic it is forced and disorganized. Though there are a couple of tracks that mix electronica and strings and they are some of the strongest on New Eyes. Tracks that work include the second single “Rather Be” (featuring the vocals of Jesse Glynne) and “Dust Clears”. “Rather Be” has gone on to the number one position on the American charts. There seems to be a plethora of dance/electronic acts recently that extensively use guest vocalists. Clean Bandit joins acts like Disclosure and Naughty Boy in this category. While lyrically this is no Shakespeare but they are inspiring at times.

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