Lost Girl: Season 4 – Blu-ray Edition

lost girl season 4Fans of the sci fi show have been hooked from episode one and now we are in season four. Fans of supernatural things have been attracted to Lost Girl for obvious reasons. It fulfills many television viewer categories in that it is dark but also funny with plenty of sexual and sarcastic nuances. As such it has become quite a guilty pleasure for its loyal band of fans.

This season aims and succeeds in really shaking things up. A couple of things I did not like about the season were that it was too short and the ending was rather weak.

Episode 1: In Memoriam: Kenzi (played by Ksenia Solo) and Dyson (played by Kris Holden-Reid) are working on a case involving stolen memories. While doing so they realize that theirs might have been taken as well.

Episode 2: Sleeping Beauty School: Dyson locates Tamsin (played by Eliana Jones) though she seems a little different. Hale (played by K.C. Collins) tells Kenzi that he loves her.

Episode 3: Lovers. Apart.: Dyson continues looking for Bo (played by Anna Silk). The Morrigan (played by Emmanuelle Vauger) is back and out for revenge.

Episode 4: Turn to Stone: Tamsin keeps getting bigger. Kenzi can’t keep secrets from Bo anymore and reveals all.

Episode 5: Let the Dark Times Roll: Bo discovers that she is Dark Fae and owes fealty to the leader of the Dark. Trick (played by Richard Howland) is called upon by the Una Mens for a questioning.

Episode 6: Of All the Gin Joints: The Morrigan makes a visit to Lauren (played by Zoie Palmer). The mysterious Ianka (played by Lara Jean Chorostecki) holds the key to Bo’s memories.

Episode 7: La Fae Époque: Dyson is taken by the Una Mens in order to execute him for past wrongdoings. The team has to figure out a way to save him.

Episode 8: Groundhog Fae: A celebration is going on. Bo is the only one who seems to realize that the evening keeps repeating itself.

Episode 9: Destiny’s Child: Bo uncovers what is in the box she sent herself and is closer to locating The Wanderer. Tamsin gets a view of her past.

Episode 10: Waves: Bo stays with Rainer (played by Kyle Schmid) and distances herself from her friends. Kenzi distracts herself by taking a case involving mer-people.

Episode 11: End of a Line: Kenzi and Bo are together again. It is not long lasting as they are separated by a Fae zombie attack.

Episode 12: Origin: A betrayal has Kenzi furious. Lauren moves in on The Morrigan.

Episode 13: Dark Horse: A portal has been opened and cursed souls are coming through. Kenzi and Tamsin uncover what has to be done.

Special Features: Cast Roundtable: Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes, Inside Look at Season 4, Lost Girl Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Lost Girl Panel at New York Comic Con

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