Happy Days: The Fifth Season

happy days the fifth seasonThere are several families from television history that will go down as amongst the most popular.  The Partridges, the Bradys, the Adams, the Huxtables and the Cunninghams from Happy Days are all beloved. A lighthearted comedy set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Happy Days follows the day-to-day adventures of the middle class Cunninghams. Comprised of father Howard (played by Tom Bosley), mother Marion (played by Marion Ross), daughter Joanie (played by Erin Moran) and son Richie (played by Ron Howard). That family circle is rounded out by Fonzie (played by Henry Winkler), Ralph (played by Don Most), Potsie (played by Anson Williams), Chachi (played by Scott Baio) and Al (played by Al Molinaro).

Episode 1: Hollywood (Part 1): Fonzie and the Cunninghams are off to Hollywood when a talent scout believes The Fonz could be the next James Dean. Everyone travels to the film making capital and its beaches for Fonzie’s screen test.

Episode 2: Hollywood (Part 2): Richie reads during Fonzie’s screen test. It comes as a complete surprise when it is Richie who they want to sign to a contract.

Episode 3: Hollywood (Part 3): Richie has an important decision to make about his future. Fonzie also faces his own challenge that involves jumping a shark.

Episode 4: Hard Cover: Fonzie teaches Richie about the basics of romance. His number one place to meet girls turns out to be the library.

Episode 5: My Cousin the Cheat: The truant officer nabs Chachi for ditching school. Fonzie takes it upon himself to teach his cousin how important an education is.

Episode 6: Fonsilectomy: Fonzie is less than thrilled when he finds out he has to have his tonsils taken out. This means he is going to miss the big Halloween party.

Episode 7: The Apartment: Richie, Potsie and Ralph decide to move out and become roommates. Richie begins to realize that friends don’t always make the best roommates.

Episode 8: Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur (Part 1): Pinky Tuscadero’s younger sister Leather arrives in Milwaukee looking for a gig. Things get a little rocky when a police officer learns of her past.

Episode 9: Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur (Part 2): Joanie is determined to go out on the road as part of Leather’s band. Howard says no and Joanie runs away.

Episode 10: My Fair Fonzie: Fonzie is invited to a socialite dinner. The reason he is invited is not why he thinks.

Episode 11: Bye Bye Blackball: Richie, Potsie and Ralph attempt to join a popular fraternity. In order to do so they must get through Hell Week.

Episode 12: Requiem for a Malph: Ralph is caught making the moves on another guy’s girlfriend. Fonzie arranges a boxing match between the two young men.

Episode 13: Nose for News: Richie is having a little trouble in his investigative reporting class. He undertakes writing a story about corruption in the sanitation department.

Episode 14: Grandpa’s Visit: Howard’s father (played by Danny Thomas) who has just retired from the police force comes for a visit. Fonzie gives the retiree a job in his garage.

Episode 15: Potsie Gets Pinned: After one date with Jennifer Jerome (played by Lorrie Mahaffey) Potsie wants to ask her to marry him. Howard tries to convince the love-struck teen to put the brakes on.

Episode 16: Joanie’s First Kiss: Joanie gets asked out on her first car date. Richie and Fonzie undertake educating Joanie on how to defend against her date’s moves.

Episode 17: Marion’s Misgivings: Marion is really worried when a friend of hers is dumped by her husband for a younger woman. She thinks Howard might be thinking of doing the same.

Episode 18: Richie Almost Dies: After getting a motorcycle, Richie and Lori Beth get into an accident. Lori Beth only receives minor injuries but Richie is in a coma.

Episode 19: Spunkless Spunky: Fonzie’s dog Spunky is acting anything but. A trip to the vet confirms that there isn’t anything physically wrong with the dog it is psychological.

Episode 20: Be My Valentine: It is the 14th of February and love is in the air. A night alone leads to Joanie having some musical daydreams.

Episode 21: Our Gang: Chachi is thinking of joining a gang. Richie and Fonzie tell him stories from their pasts in order to dissuade him.

Episode 22: My Favorite Orkan: Milwaukee receives a visit from an alien named Mork from the planet Ork. He is there to study human life and selects Richie as his subject.

Episode 23: Do You Want to Dance?: Fonzie’s girlfriend makes her living running a ballet studio. He has to come to grips that she would be happier as a professional dancer in New York.

Episode 24: Second Wind: Al is going to receive the Man of the Year award from the Sons of Italy. Fonzie decides to help him get a date to the event.

Episode 25: Rules to Date By: Howard and Marion get into a fight about women’s rights. Richie and Lori Beth break up after a fight.

Episode 26: Fonzie for the Defense: Fonzie and Howard are selected for jury duty. Fonzie is the only one who believes the case is not an open and shut one.

Special Features: 4th Anniversary Special

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