Leon Russell – Life Journey

leon russell life journeyUnlike many album titles that are throw aways Leon Russell’s latest even has meaning instilled in that detail. Life Journey perfectly encapsulates the man and is music on this album. Leon Russell has been a part of the music industry in one way or another for around fifty years. That is a long time and as you might expect his five decades have added up into having plenty of stories to tell in a music kind of way. Now seventy-two years old the piano man brings us the story of his life and career set to music. He has used songs from others along with two of his own to tell the tale. In his hands songs like “Georgia on My Mind”, “Fever” and “New York State of Mind” have new life breathed into them, so much so that you could swear that you’ve never heard them before. Life Journey is his 30th solo outing and while his voice shows the signs of age he uses its raspiness to his benefit. With the obvious age in his voice you show him the respect reserved to the older members of our community. Meaning you believe every word he is saying (singing) and appreciate the depth that is there. Sit back and enjoy the journey using blues, jazz and pop arrangements he is going to take you on.

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