Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltry – Going Back Home

wilko johnson and roger daltryWhat would you do if you were given a life sentence? If you were guitarist Wilko Johnson of seventies punk band Dr. Feelgood you would contact your good buddy Roger Daltry from (as everyone knows) The Who and ask if he wanted to make an album with you, of course. Daltry is there to support Johnson in the recording of nine of Johnson’s own compositions and one cover. This is good old fashioned rock ‘n roll in that it is dirty, gritty and bluesy. It is all brought up a notch by Daltry’s soaring voice with adds to all the authenticity. Daltry has not sounded this good for over a decade. Nine of ten songs are up tempo with the lone ballad being the track “Turned 21”. It gets off to a rocking start with the first four tracks starting the blaze.  A great addition is a cover of Dylan’s “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window”. British blues at its best and a superb pairing. The story behind the album (Johnson’s terminal cancer diagnoses) adds a dash of regret that they will not make more music to the whole proceedings.

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