5 Seconds of Summer – 5 Seconds of Summer

Paging all teenage girls
Paging all teenage girls

The Aussie version of One Direction is how you can sum up 5 Seconds of Summer to those not in the know. Though a little different as they do wear more flannel and play their own instruments. So I guess they are more of a boy band version of Hedley or Green Day as they have a little bit of pop punk about them. The first song off their debut album “She Looks So Perfect” has been all over the radio this summer. Love and heartbreak continues as expected to be the subject matter of the other ten tracks on their self-titled debut. The four guys are teenagers and did write the songs themselves so what else would you expect to preoccupy them? Refreshingly the songs are better than I expected with plenty of cheeky humour to enjoy. Also it is not all peppy pop as there are several down tempo ballads. It is the type of album that is quite catchy and will be on repeat…for a while anyway.

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