Ray Donovan – Season One – Blu-ray Edition

Makes problems disappear
Makes problems disappear

If you have a problem you need taken care of from collecting money to squashing a story to covering up a murder Ray Donovan (played by Liev Schreiber) is your guy. He, and his two assistants, Avi (played by Steven Bauer) and Lena (played by Katherine Moennig), is able to fix any trouble you might be having and does just that for the rich and famous in L.A. A transplant from Boston to Los Angeles, Ray is from a family that is what people typically think of as Irish-American in that they were boxers, Catholic, like to drink, and in trouble with the law. He and his two brothers, Terry (played by Eddie Marsan) and Bunchy (played by Dash Mihok), have stuck together as their mother got sick and died when they were young, their sister Bridget committed suicide when she was young and their father, Mickey (played by John Voight), has been in jail for murder for a long time.  After not having the best start in life, Ray has created a nice life for himself with his wife, Abby (played by Paula Malcomson), and their two kids, Bridget (played by Kerris Dorsey) and Conor (played by Devon Bagby). Everything is going rather smoothly until his father is released from prison early and comes to Los Angeles to reconnect with his sons and grandkids. Now the fixer is going to need help fixing his own life.


Rough and tumble, Ray Donovan is not for the faint of heart. Ray Donovan is basically an Irish mob tale about one guy who uses whatever means required to handle the problems of lawyers, actors, professional athletes, and other rich or famous types. It is the personal side of things that makes it an interesting watch. This is Showtime’s highest rated first year show and the reasons are the great storyline and the acting.


Episode 1: The Bag or the Bat: Mickey Donovan is unexpectedly released early from a murder sentence he is carrying out in prison. His son Ray finds out about it and that his father is coming to Los Angeles bring trouble along with him.


Episode 2: A Mouth is a Mouth: Ray has his hands full trying to keep the secrets of two high profile actors from getting out. At the same time he is working on a plan to send his father back to prison.


Episode 3: Twerk: Mickey tries his utmost to reconnect with his sons. Ray’s attention is on keeping his mentor, Ezra (played by Elliott Gould), out of trouble due to Mickey’s presence.


Episode 4: Black Cadillac: Ray cannot keep his promise to Abby and spend the entire day with his family at a visit at a very exclusive high school. Mickey, Bunchy and Daryll head on a road trip to Palm Springs so Mickey can see his old flame and Daryll’s (played by Pooch Hall) mother, Claudette (played by Sheryl Lee Ralph).


Episode 5: The Golem: Ezra gets into a car accident and starts behaving weirdly. That is not his only problem as Mickey visits him wanting reparation for being wrongly incarcerated.


Episode 6: Housewarming: As is typical when the Donovans get together, at Bunchy’s housewarming party a fight breaks out between father and son. Ray tries to get rid of Agent Miller (played by Frank Whaley).


Episode 7: New Birthday: Ray travels to Boston to try and find Sully (played by James Woods). Agent Miller digs deeper into the murder that Mickey was wrongly convicted of.


Episode 8: Bridget: It is the anniversary of Bridget’s death and the three Donovan brothers try to get together to honour her. Bridget sees how far her father will go in regards to protecting her.


Episode 9: Road Trip: Ray tries to keep something out of the news that will ruin Tommy’s (played by Austin Nichols) career. Avi attempts to bring Sully back to Los Angeles by car.


Episode 10: Fite Nite: Ray brings his family to watch Daryll’s fight at Terry’s gym. Sully finally catches up with Mickey.


Episode 11: Bucky Fuckin’ Dent: Ray uses his skills to protect his brother Bunchy after he does something to a man he believes the priest who abused him. Terry has to bring Frances (played by Brooke Smith) into the mess.


Episode 12: Same Exactly: Abby and the kids have to hide out at a ritzy hotel. Ray tries to find Sully before he hurts or worse someone Ray loves.


Special Features: Showtime Sync

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