Weird Al Yankovic – Mandatory Fun

Going strong since 1983
Going strong since 1983

For someone who has pretty much been written off as kitsch or simply a lightweight satire act Weird Al Yankovic certainly has lasted a long time. Going strong into his fourth decade in the music industry is better than most “real” musical acts. Still at the top of his game Weird Al manages to balance on the razor’s edge of witty and mean. His lyrics really are quite clever and funny. Never mean or filled with too much social commentary. Music is just to have a good time with in this case. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” has become “Tacky”, Lorde’s “Royals” has become an ode to aluminum foil called “Foil”, Robin Thicke’s sexist “Blurred Lines” has been cleverly transformed into “Word Crimes” and Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” is now a very funny “Handy” all about plumbing. My favourite is a mash-up that includes a polka version of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”. Weird Al has never pretended to be more than what he is and as a result he has lasted this long. He knows he is tacky and wears it proudly like a badge.

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