Californication: The Final Season

A writer who seems incapable of making wrong decisions
A writer who seems incapable of making wrong decisions

Anyone who watched this show loved it. We all developed a soft spot for bad boy Hank Moody (played by David Duchovny) despite all his foibles and flaws. He was always running into trouble in regards to women, drugs, drink and sex. Though you knew that he was trying hard to do the right thing so when he inevitably did the wrong thing you forgave him. What I cannot forgive is that they gave us a pretty weak final season. It leaves a rather bad taste in my mouth in regards to the series as a whole. The most complimentary thing I can say about the ending is that it was adequate.


Episode 1: Levon: After a small tour Hank is looking forward to getting back together with Karen (played by Natascha McElhone). It doesn’t turn out to be as good as he had hoped.


Episode 2: Julia: It is Hank’s first day in the writer’s room on Santa Monica Cop. Things are going well between Marcy (played by Pamela Adlon) and Charlie (played by Evan Handler) then he meets Melanie (played by Tara Holt).


Episode 3: Like Father Like Son: Two of Hank’s co-workers are upset that he gets to write the first episode of Santa Monica Cop. Charlie is hoping to mend things with Marcy while Karen is thinking about ending things with Hank.


Episode 4: Dicks: Their relationship has more stress heaped on it due to financial problems for Marcy and Charlie. Levon (played by Oliver Cooper) tries to get some along time with Melanie.


Episode 5: Getting the Poison Out: Charlie is in over his head with a client. Levon spends a night with Nikki (played by Bridgette Davidovici).


Episode 6: Kickoff: Stu (played by Stephen Tobolowsky) makes Charlie an offer that intrigues him. Charlie has his hands full with his client Goldie (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub).


Episode 7: Smile: Rath (played by Michael Imperioli) demands a rewrite by Hank. Charlie and Marcy deal with their money issues.


Episode 8: 30 Minutes or Less: Stu’s offer is revealed and a fight ensues. Levon has a big opportunity.


Episode 9: Faith, Hope, Love: After getting some bad news, Hank thinks back over his relationship with Karen, his time with his daughter Becca (played by Aubrey K. Miller) and his friendship with Charlie and Marcy.


Episode 10: Dinner With Friends: Hank talks Karen into a romantic dinner but it is interrupted by Julia (played by Heather Graham). The interruption is made even worse by Levon, Marcy, Charlie, Stu and a hooker.


Episode 11: Daughter: When the ratings for Santa Monica Cop come in Hank’s job is hanging by a thread. Marcy agrees to Stu’s offer.


Episode 12: Grace: Hank makes a decision that changes his whole life. Hank invites Julia to a special dinner.


Special Features: Behind-the-Episode – Levon, Series Bloopers, Behind-the-Visual Effects, Jam Sessions with Tom Kapinos, Tyler Bates and Tree Adams



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