Jenny Lewis – The Voyager

jenny lewis the voyagerAs an artist approaches middle age, the age where people begin to think of you as “older”, it is something that marks them. For the most part, the music industry is dominated (performers and purchasers) by the young. Questions like “Where do I fit in?” begin popping up. Pop songstress Jenny Lewis is reaching that point in her life (she is in her mid-thirties) and in a personal album entitled The Voyager she investigates that very issue. There is a little navel gazing going on though it is still outward looking enough to not annoy. What does make it a lot less annoying is how straightforward and unflinching about things she is. Then there are the beautiful arrangements that accompany the vocals. It is like every note is supported by a cloud. I don’t think I am overstating things here. Most of the music is quite smooth and poppy but there are some moments when she ups the ante and rocks out. Then there is her crystal clear voice which really allows the listener to immerse themselves in the mood and tone of the songs. All this makes the album very listenable and re-listenable. Pay special attention to stand out tracks “She’s Not Me”, “Rabbit Fur Coat” and “Head Underwater”.

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