Batman: Assault on Arkham – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

batman assault on arkhamFans of the video game of the same name must have been thrilled when it was announced that a small screen version of it was being released. The thrill probably ended five minutes into watching this video.


It always boggles my mind why things that were working well are changed. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it people! The link between the video game and this animated feature seems to end at character costumes and the setting. Everything else is completely different.


If you are unaware of the video game and a fan of DC Comics then this is worth a watch. Especially if you are not a big Batman fan as he doesn’t figure much here. It is darker and more adult oriented than the usual DC fare so be prepared. Script will not blow the doors off the barn but it isn’t horrible either.


Assault on Arkham delves into the seedy and violent underbelly of the city of Gotham. After being stopped by Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) from killing Edward Nygma (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler), who is then put in an insane asylum, Amanda Waller (voiced by C.C.H. Pounder) decides to gather a posse of über criminals together to wreak some havoc. This evil group includes Deadshot (voiced by Neal McDonough), Harley Quinn (voiced by Hynden Walch), Captain Boomerang (voiced by Greg Ellis), Killer Frost (voiced by Jennifer Hale), King Shark (voiced by John DiMaggio), Black Spider (voiced by Giancarlo Esposito), and KGBeast (voiced by Nolan North). Waller wants her group to go after Nygma while he is in the asylum and finish the job she started.


The devious Waller knows that criminals are not to be trusted so she has implanted a bomb underneath all of their skin that will go off if they don’t do the job. Batman figures out what is going on and is after the Suicide Squad that has now teamed up with Penguin (voiced by Nolan North). They plan to get Nygma while at the same time dealing with The Joker (voiced by Troy Baker), who is also at the same facility.

Special Features: The Joker’s Queen: Harley Quinn, Arkham Analyzed: The Secrets Behind the Asylum, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Sneak Peek, From the DC Comics Vault, Digital Copy

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