The Chambermaid Lynn @ Montreal World Film Festival

the chambermaid lynnA hotel housekeeper’s main role is to keep rooms clean so that guests can be comfortable during their stay. In the German film “The Chambermaid Lynn,” lead character Lynn (Vicky Krieps) takes it above and beyond her duties by snooping through guests’ personal belongings and listening in on their most personal conversations.


Lynn is considered to be a very good employee. She puts in extra hours and her work is often complimented by hotel guests. She has her issues, though as is quite uneasy around people yet she craves intimacy and seems to find some connection with others by having a superficial affair with hotel manager. On top of that she hides under beds in guestrooms while they have conversations on the phone or go about their daily routines. During one of these awkward moments, she comes across Chiara, who brings her out of her shell and both women learn a thing or two about relationships.


This was a strange film. The idea was good, but it would have been interesting to explore a bit further about her spying on guests. Instead it spent much more time on her neurosis and emotional issues.  It was slow paced and a bit all over the place. The story didn’t really evolve much, nor did we get to know the reasons behind the issues of the characters. Lead actress Vicky Krieps was notable in her role but the way it was presented the story just wasn’t engaging enough




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