The Good Wife: The Fourth Season

the good wife the fourth seasonIn some cases you can tell the quality of a show based on the guest stars it attracts to it. If you adhere to that theory then the fact that The Good Wife just this season featured the likes of Amanda Peet, Michael J. Fox, Judd Hirsch, Bebe Neuwith, Stockard Channing, Rita Wilson, Maura Tierny, Jason Biggs, Nathan Lane, Matthew Perry, T.J. Knight, and Kristin Chenowith it speaks volumes.


Alicia Florrick (played by Juliana Margulies) is now a fourth year lawyer at the firm of Lockhart/Gardner. As was typical in other seasons, she is facing some challenges inside and outside the courtroom. The firm is in a state of flux as it has serious financial difficulties and is struggling to get out from under them. Each character faces their own challenges as Kalinda’s (played by Archie Panjabi) personal life begins to affect her work, Cary (played by Matt Czuchry) is trying to find his own path, Eli (played by Alan Cumming) is under federal investigation for campaign irregularities, Peter (played by Chris Noth) is running for Governor, Will (played by Josh Charles) is returning to practicing after his six month suspension, and Diane (played by Christine Baranski) finds her personal choices might get in the way of the advancement of her career. Never a dull moment on this show.


Episode 1: I Fought the Law: Alicia has to help her son Zach (played by Graham Phillips) when a cop falsely tries to pin a drug charge on him. A political reporter is trying to dig up some dirt on the Florricks.


Episode 2: And the Law Won: Will tries his first case after his six month suspension and it is a wrongful death suit that involves a new law. Kalinda is thrown when her husband, Nick Saverese (played by Marc Warren), comes back into the picture.


Episode 3: Two Girls, One Code: A reporter is going to publish a story about an affair involving the Florrick marriage and the story would harm Peter’s campaign. Lockhart/Gardner takes on a case involving two program developers who are suing Chumhum, a giant search engine.


Episode 4: Don’t Haze Me, Bro: Lockhart/Gardner represent the parents of a university student who was killed during a hazing incident. Alicia and Eli work hard to disprove a story about Peter having an affair with a campaign worker.


Episode 5: Waiting For the Knock: Lockhart/Gardner client and drug kingpin Lemond Bishop (played by Mike Colter) is finally arrested but this time it is due to his legitimate business. Thinking that he had killed the affair story, Eli now finds it coming back to life courtesy of a blogger.


Episode 6: The Art of War: A military judge (played by Linda Emond) asks for Alicia’s help on the case of a female officer (played by Amanda Peet) who is suing in civil court an army contractor who sexually assaulted her.


Episode 7: Anatomy of a Joke: A female comedienne (played by Christina Ricci) who bared her breasts on live television hires Lockhart/Gardner when the network sues her. Eli has to put out another fire in regards to a smear campaign that is looking to damage Peter’s gubernatorial bid.


Episode 8: Here Comes the Judge: The judge (played by Judd Hirsch) on Will’s cases reveals his bias towards Will and his client. Kalinda’s husband becomes jealous of her relationship with Cary.


Episode 9: A Defense of Marriage: Alicia’s mother (played by Stockard Channing) is back in town and needs some legal help. Alicia and Diana’s client asks that a famous defense lawyer be brought in to help in his fraud case.


Episode 10: Battle of the Proxie: Will sends Alicia to help out the prosecutor in a small town who is working on the same murder case as he is in Chicago. Eli discovers he is being investigated by the Feds for campaign finance fraud.


Episode 11: Boom De Yah Da: Once again Alicia faces off against Louis Canning (played by Michael J Fox) in court who is doing everything he can to delay his client being deposed. The Democratic Committee forces Eli to take on another person to help him run Peter’s campaign.


Episode 12: Je Ne Sais What?: Alicia helps fellow lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni (played by Carrie Preston) who has been arrested and needs help at the hearing for her client, an Olympic runner. Will has to help out when the runner is charged with doping.


Episode 13: The Seven Day Rule: Alicia is offered to become an equity partner but the shine is taken off of the offer when she discovers the firm is probably doing it to get out of its money problems. Diane and Will go in front of a judge in order to extend the bankruptcy deadline.


Episode 14: Red Team, Blue Team: The partners at Lockhart/Gardner decide to rescind their partnership offers to the fourth years. In their anger Alicia and Cary form a strong alliance.


Episode 15: Going For the Gold: Eli hires Elsbeth Tascioni to defend him in the federal case. Peter participates in a debate with Maddie Hayward (played by Maura Tierny).


Episode 16: Runnin’ With the Devil: The lawyer that Lemond Bishop has asked Alicia to work on his defense with might be intimidating witnesses. The firm decides to look for another investigator to work alongside Kalinda.


Episode 17: Invitation to an Inquest: Cary battles with his father (played by John Shea) who has brought an important client to Lockhart/Gardner. Janie Ludwig (played by Jessalyn Gilsig) asks Alicia and Will to help her secure the life insurance money after her husband’s death.


Episode 18: Death of a Client: A client of Alicia’s is murdered. Alicia and her children might be in danger.


Episode 19: The Wheels of Justice: Alicia goes to court to defend Colin Sweeney (played by Dylan Baker) on what she at first believes is a minor charge but then it turns into something much more. Diane asks Kalinda to vet her and to keep it a secret between them.


Episode 20: Rape: A Modern Perspective: A hacker group begins putting evidence concerning Alicia’s case up on the Internet and jeopardizing everything. Diane is up for consideration for the Illinois Supreme Court.


Episode 21: A More Perfect Union: Peter asks Alicia to renew their vows just before the election. Alicia’s mother tells Will it is time for him to act if he loves Alicia.


Episode 22: What’s in the Box?: Zack believes he witnessed some vote tampering causing his mother, Diane and Will to bring this before the court. Cary asks both Kalinda and Robyn (played by Jess Weixler) to join his new firm.


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