Vance Joy – Dream Your Life Away

vance joy dream your life awayNowadays it seems like singles are released months before albums come out, so far in advance that it seems like albums are around for years. Way back in 2013 Aussie singer Vance Joy’s (his real name is James Keogh) song “Riptide” came out and was a big hit in his native country and the U.K. Now we get to see with the release of Dream Your Life Away what he is all about. If you are familiar with Vance Joy then you won’t be surprised that most of the music on the album falls into the calm and laidback category. This is a modern version of folk-pop that relies heavily on folk artists like Cat Stevens from the seventies. This is not stuff that will get you up on the dance floor that is for sure. It is the type of album you will put on to listen to on a rainy day with fire going and you in the mood for chilling out. Simplicity is his modus operandi. Vance Joy keeps his lyrics and musical arrangements fairly easy to relate to and understand. While his lyrics are simple there are heartwarming and touching parts to be found. Just occasionally he does stray into an overly repetitive groove. His voice is rather tender and that adds to the poignancy of some of the lyrics. Like many debut albums it shows his potential while having plenty of up and down moments as well. A promising new artist who you should keep an eye on and an ear open for.

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