Stalingrad – 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray Combo Edition

stalingradOne of the bloodiest battles in World War II was Stalingrad. Because they stopped the Germans the Russians allowed the Allies to gain a foothold it pretty much turned around the war.  Fedor Bondarchuk’s film takes its name from that battle but from what I could see it really has nothing to do with it rendering the title rather silly.


A band of Russian soldiers are trapped in a part of Stalingrad that has been bombed out by the Germans.  There are just a few of them and there is an entire German division surrounding them.  Led by they find an abandoned building which they hunker down in.  Soon they discover the building is not abandoned rather there is a young woman named Katya (Mariya Smolnikova) still living there.  She tells them how her whole family and pretty much everyone she knew had been killed by the advancing Germans.  Buoyed by her courage the men decide to make a stand against great odds.


Rife with wooden acting, bad dubbing into English and silly dialogue this film is tough to slog through.  Some of the dialogue is so stilted and unnatural that it almost sounds like slogans tacked on onto the next rather than conversation.  Though some parts do offer some entertainment in that they are so dumb you will have a good laugh.


Special Features:

-The Making of Stalingrad

-Previews of Pompeii, The Raid 2, A Fighting Man, Company of Heroes, The Monuments Men


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