Awkward.: Season 3

awkward season 3OMG! I have been waiting for a fun teen series just like this one to come along. Awkward. (yes, there is a period after the word) is everything you could hope for from a teen series in that it is quirky, funny, emotionally all over the place and filled with wild clothing styles.  The series centres around the lives of a select few members of the Palos Hills High School junior class.  Their lives, friendships, romances and fashion errors are all up for grabs. You’ll definitely be cooler just by watching this one. Plus you’ll feel like your life is less chaotic and angst filled.  Basically it is a win-win proposition.


Episode 1: Cha-Cha-Cha Changes: Jenna (played by Ashley Rickards) starts her first day of her junior year. She is stunned by all the changes that happened amongst her friends and classmates.


Episode 2: Responsibly Irresponsible: The death of Ricky Schwartz is death with differently by everyone. After her pregnancy scare, Jenna asks her mom (played by Nikki Deloach) to take her to get the pill.


Episode 3: A Little Less Conversation: Matty (played by Beau Mirchoff) and Jenna’s relationship is suffering due to lack of conversation. To keep ahead of the Asian Mafia Ming (played by Jessica Lu) pretends to be dating Henry.


Episode 4: Let’s Talk About Sex: Jenna’s father (played by Mike Faiola) finds her birth control pills and calls Matty’s parents to let them know about their kids having sex. Tamara (played by Jillian Rose Reed) and Jake (played by Brett Davern) decide to have sex.


Episode 5: Indecent Exposure: Matty crashes at the Hamiltons and Jenna wants her space back. Sadie (played by Molly Tarlov) does not want Tamara on the cheer squad.


Episode 6: That Girl Strikes Again: Jenna is upset when Matty makes the Hot List while she’s on the Not List. Jenna, Matty, Sadie, Tamara and Jake crash a Halloween party thrown by Colin’s (played by Nolan Gerard Funk) girlfriend.


Episode 7: Guilt Trippin’: Homecoming pinning was underway at Palos Hills. Matty is nervous about the dance as he really can’t.


Episode 8: Robbed Raw and Reeling: Jenna and Matty have reached their sixth month of coupledom. Mr. Hart (played by Anthony Michael Hall) manipulates Jenna into reading something at an open mic night at Bean There Done That.


Episode 9: Reality Check: Jenna is upset about her dreams about Colin. That Ming and Fred (played by Kelly Sry) have been seeing each other is discovered by Becca (played by Jessika Van).


Episode 10: Redefining Jenna: Tamara is going a little overboard when she is asked by Julie and Julie to co-host a Black Friday party. Ming is now head of the Asian Mafia.


Episode 11: Surprise!: Jenna’s mom is trying to throw her a surprise party and asks Val (played by Desi Lydic) for help. Jenna tries to deal with her making out with Colin.


Episode 12: And Then What Happened: Jenna has to deal with the aftermath of everyone seeing her and Colin kiss. At school her friends pool together their information in an attempt to figure out if Matty and Jenna are still together.


Episode 13: Taking Sides: Jenna and Colin are dating while her friends are trying to adjust to the changes in her. To ease the awkwardness, Jenna plans a BBQ.


Episode 14: The Bad Seed: Jenna almost gets arrested while smoking pot with Colin. Tamara and Ming and Jenna are no longer friends.


Episode 15: A Very Special Episode of Awkward: Jenna’s downward spiral continues and she gets suspended from school. Sadie leads the other kids in the making of an A.S.S. (afterschool special).


Episode 16: Less Than Hero: Mr. Hart will not publish Jenna’s villain story about Val. Jake is running for Junior Class President and Tamara is his campaign manager.


Episode 17: The Campaign Fail: Mad at Jake, Tamara runs for president against him. Humiliated by Colin, Jenna tries to win back her parents and friends.


Episode 18: Old Jenna: Jenna makes friends with a new girl named Bailey (played by McKaley Miller). Ming and Tamara take Jenna back but she’s on probation.


Episode 19: Karmic Relief: Junior prom is coming up and tickets go on sale. Jenna tries to do something to get Val’s job back.


Episode 20: Who I Want to Be: Matty asks Bailey to prom and not Jenna. Jenna discovers the author she loves is really Mr. Hart.


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