Mom’s Night Out

Any mom out there can relate to this film.  You have all found yourself on the edge of insanity just wanting to get away from the kids and have a girls’ night out.  That seems easy enough, but for moms it is easier said than done.  That struggle is what this whole film is about with a lot of zany and comedic moments thrown in for good measure.

Allyson (Sarah Drew – Radio) is a germaphobe who is at her wit’s end operating as a stay at home mom.  The lack of adult interaction and the constant struggle to stay on top of things has completely frazzled her.  All Allyson wants is some time away from the kids hanging out with a couple of her female friends.  When she finds out that preacher’s wife Sondra (Patricia Heaton – from television’s The Middle) and her best friend Izzy (Andrea Logan White) are down with her idea the three ladies plan a night out that starts off well, but begins to devolve very quickly.  Lost dinner reservations, missing babies, tattoo parlors, and crazy taxi drivers are just parts of an evening in which everything that can go wrong does.

No one is completely evil.  Just like very few films out there are perfect or all bad.  Most films are equally stacked columns of strong and weak points.  In regards to the strong points of Mom’s Night Out, a lack of sex and vulgar humour will make this film appealing to families out there who want a “clean” watch.  Making it clean has not removed all of its punch as it is most certainly not straight laced.  It is also a rare faith based film that is also a comedy so that makes it stand out from the crowd. Finally, for moms out there watching this film could be considered as therapy and give you the feeling that you are not alone in your feelings.  As for the weak, there is the storyline that is riddled with clichés and is quite formulaic.  At its worst several of the characters are like caricatures of oafish fathers, frazzled mothers or brat kids.  At times it felt like an ABC afternoon movie.

Bottom line is you have to weigh the pros against the cons and see if you feel like the film is worth your time investment.  You’ve definitely seen worse films, but you have also seen much better ones.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-The Heart of Mom’s Night Out

-Casting Mom’s Night Out

-The Art of Improv

-The Art of Action


-Previews of When the Game Stands Tall, Heaven is For Real, Soul Surfer, Courageous, Annie

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