T.I. – Paperwork

ti paperworkDespite the fact that the song “Blurred Lines” was a sexist piece of garbage against most people’s better judgment they had to admit it was a darn catchy bit of music. That point was not lost on one of the participants on the song rapper T.I. He has his finger on the musical pulse and realizes that whatever Pharrell touches turns to gold or hit songs. Following along that line of logic T.I. has brought on the man with the musical Midas touch to executive produce his latest album Paperwork. Together the two have concocted a racial politics post Trayvon Martin shooting ditty, a slow piece of sexual fare featuring a guest appearance by Chris Brown and couple of songs that sound like soul songs that Curtis Mayfield might have recorded back in the day mashed with modern sensibilities. In other words, it is kind of all over the place yet T.I.’s rapping ability and Pharrell’s ability to write a catchy hook hold everything together…sorta. T.I. has matured as an artist so the music is not as angry and sounding like it comes from the streets as it used to. That does not mean that he has completely softened, though, as some of the stuff could have easily been recorded by Public Enemy. Basically, album demonstrates how diverse this rapper can be.

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