Annie Lennox – Nostalgia

annie lennox nostalgiaThough you might be rolling your eyes thinking “another singer covering the standards” this is one that you really should listen to.  First because very few out there have a voice like Annie Lennox. It is strong, emotional and flexible. Nary a weakness. The voice she possesses is simply magnificent. Her voice is perfect for the genre. Added to the mix is that her selection of jazz and blues standards is without a weak one in the bunch. Settle in for a listen to the Scottish siren’s take on songs like “God Bless the Child”, “Strange Fruit” and “I Put a Spell On You”. First rate the entire lot of them. Like the veteran singer that she is Annie does not do quick and dirty. Every song on the album involves a slow build to a very satisfying crescendo. The lady knows the importance of patience and pacing and Annie Lennox has got both in spades. Her rendition of the Patti Page song “You Belong to Me” alone is worth the price of admission and everything else is the cherry on top. She transports you to another age and give you a bad case of nostalgia while listening.

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