Taylor Swift – 1989

taylor swift 1989Eighties synth-pop was on Taylor Swift’s mind while she was recording this album. She has decided to put down her acoustic guitar for the most part and bring out the neon outfits, tease her bangs to incredible heights and dance about to fluffy pop music. On the serious side this is a departure from what has come before from Miss Swift. 1989 is an album that she hopes you will put on while getting ready to go out on a Saturday night. She is aided in her endeavour by the very capable producer Max Martin, who has worked on half of the songs on the album. While each track has something fun or catchy about it the three that stuck with me most were “How You Get the Girl”, “This Love” and “Clean”. While she was writing it was the usual…boys. Her previous (and in my mind, annoying) habits of through her writing of revealing too much and dreaming huge are still there. All her emotions are big and Taylor seems to have endless streams of energy to keep up the pace. I have met a few girls like her over the course of my own life. The type that remains positive despite the fact that they over and over select the wrong type of guy to fall for. Taylor has her heart broken, writes a song and then gets over it while enjoying her millions made. Give in to it as no matter what your opinion is of this young American songstress you’ll find yourself humming along to “Shake It Off” for months to come. The phenomenon continues.

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