The Good Wife: The Fifth Season

the good wife the fifth seasonA riveting mixture of courtroom drama, personal drama and politics make up the backbone of CBS’s The Good Wife. It is a series that has made a series out of star and executive producer Julianna Margulies in her role as Alicia Florrick. Alicia is a middle aged woman who is the wife of the governor of Illinois, a mother of two teenagers and a lawyer. In other words her days couldn’t be fuller. Her life is filled up with family drama, love triangles, tough legal cases and political intrigue. Every episode is different yet at the core it is about a woman trying to figure out who she wants to be and her role in the world.

Episode 1: Everything is Ending: Alicia decides to leave Lockhart/Gardner to start her own firm with Cary Agos (played by Matt Czuchry). At the same time she is working on a case involving an appeal for an inmate in Death Row.

Episode 2: The Bit Bucket: Chumhum takes on the NSA. The NSA is listening in on the phone conversations of Lockhart/Gardner employees.

Episode 3: A Precious Commodity: Diane (played by Christine Baranski) gives an interview that Will (played by Josh Charles) believes betrays him so he moves to have her removed from Lockhart/Gardner. Alicia works on a case involving a surrogate mother who refuses to follow the wishes of the parents.

Episode 4: Outside the Bubble: A paralegal is suing Lockhart/Gardner for a hostile working environment. This jeopardizes Diane’s chance of becoming a judge and the entire firm’s future.

Episode 5: Hitting the Fan: The fact that Alicia is leaving Lockhart/Gardner is revealed and Will explodes. Will fires Will, Cary and several other fourth year associates.

Episode 6: The Next Day: Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick, Agos & Associates go to war. Diane loses her Supreme Court judge appointment and returns to Lockhart/Gardner.

Episode 7: The Next Week: Clarke Hayden (played by Nathan Lane) becomes an employee of Florrick, Agos & Associates. Alicia believes that Lockhart/Gardner is spying on her.

Episode 8: The Next Month: Will wants Lockhart/Gardner to expand to New York and rebrand the firm as “LG”. Natalie Flores (played by America Ferrera), a former Lockhart/Gardner intern, is back and asks for Alicia’s help with a friend who faces deportation.

Episode 9: Whack-A-Mole: Will hires Damian Boyle (played by Jason O’Mara), a reputed Irish mob lawyer, as a new partner at Lockhart/Gardner. Alicia and Cary defend a man who is called a terrorist on a social media site.

Episode 10: The Decision Tree: When a former client dies he leaves millions to Alicia and his widow contests the will. Clarke Hayden finally tries a case in court.

Episode 11: Goliath and David: Alicia and Will face off in court over a copyright infringement lawsuit involving a television network. Eli (played by Alan Cumming) uncovers potential voter fraud that occurred during Peter’s election.

Episode 12: We, The Juries: Alicia, Cary, Will and Diane are forced to work together on a case involving a couple accused of drug trafficking. Marilyn (played by Melissa George) begins an investigation into the ballot box fraud during the election for governor.

Episode 13: Parallel Construction, Bitches: Lemond Bishop (played by Mike Colter) is arrested on drug charges and begins to believe there is a leak in Alicia’s firm. The voter fraud investigation is taken up by The Office of Public Integrity.

Episode 14: A Few Words: While in New York for the American Bar Association Conference Alicia is struggling to write the keynote speech. Thinking back on her relationship with Will and how he hired her when no one else would help her.

Episode 15: Dramatics, Your Honor: As part of the investigation into the voter fraud, Alicia is deposed. Will goes to court to defend a young man accused of murder but his mental instability brings about tragedy.

Episode 16: The Last Call: Everyone is affected by the shooting at the courthouse. Diane breaks the bad news to the partners of Lockhart/Gardner.

Episode 17: A Material World: After the shooting, Diane and Alicia have a drink together and think about merging their firms. Alicia becomes Finn’s (played by Matthew Goode) lawyer when he is made the scapegoat in the Jeffrey Grant case.

Episode 18: All Tapped Out: Florrick, Agos & Associates defends an NSA whistleblower. While working on the case they realize that the NSA has been tapping their phones.

Episode 19: Tying the Knot: Alicia is trying to get Colin Sweeney (played by Dylan Baker) to sign a document that will mean a million dollars for Florrick, Agos & Associates when a body is discovered. Eli starts damage control when a picture of Zach (played by Graham Phillips) with a bong surfaces.

Episode 20: The Deep Web: Alicia has been called for jury duty and while waiting meets a man (played by Nestor Carbonell). After she is disqualified because she is a lawyer Cary gives Alicia the day off.

Episode 21: The One Percent: Diane and Louis Canning (played by Michael J. Fox) go head to head in court over a pharmaceutical lawsuit. Eli uncovers the truth about Alicia and Peter’s (played by Chris Noth) relationship.

Episode 22: A Weird Year: Chaos ensues at Florrick, Agos & Associates when an open feed from a camera is accidentally left on and allows them to hear and see what is going on in the Lockhart/Gardner conference room. The future of Lockhart/Gardner is hanging by a thread when Louis Canning fights for more control.

Special Features: New Season, New Alicia, Thicky Trick Music Video, Requiem For a Friend: Inside Episode 515 – A Bad Feeling: Pre-Production, In the Thick of It: Production, Everything Ends: Post-Production, Gag Reel

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