NCIS: The Eleventh Season

ncis the eleventh seasonThe number one series on television involves a team of special agents working for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Led by McGruff also known as Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) they are tasked with investigating cases involving the death of naval officers around the United States and the world. Their cases have involved biological attacks, hospital bombings and unpredictable terrorists. This season the team will be up against another series of tough cases which will test them all personally.

Episode 1: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: A terrorist attack happens at a formal event that Tim (played by Sean Murray) and his girlfriend Delilah (played by Margo Harshman) attended. With one of their own in danger the NCIS team jumps onto the case.

Episode 2: Past, Present, and Future: Gibbs leads his team in the hunt for the terrorist group “The Brotherhood of Doubt”. Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) travels to Israel to search for Ziva (played by Cote de Pablo).

Episode 3: Under the Radar: A mentally unstable lieutenant booby traps his apartment and kills the building manager. The NCIS team is on the case looking for him before he claims more victims.

Episode 4: Anonymous Was a Woman: It is off to Afghanistan for members of the NCIS team to work on a case involving the murder of a woman posing as a marine. While working the case they uncover a human smuggling ring.

Episode 5: Once a Crook: The NCIS heads to Tony’s hometown of Baltimore to work a case. The case involves a fugitive from Tony’s past work as a police officer.

Episode 6: Oil & Water: The NCIS team looks into a bombing on an oil rig. They uncover that this occurred due to a hacker who must have been on board the ship.

Episode 7: Better Angels: Gibbs takes his father (played by Ralph Waite) on a road trip to reunite with a dying soldier who saved his life in World War II. The rest of the team works on a case involving a marine who was killed during a robbery.

Episode 8: Alibi: A seemingly simple hit-and-run case turns tricky. The owner of the truck gives the team an incredible alibi.

Episode 9: Gut Check: The NCIS team is put on lockdown after an internal breach is discovered. To help with the case they bring in an NSA analyst, Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham).

Episode 10: Devil’s Triad: The NCIS team is in deep when the case they are working involves money laundering, Gibb’s ex-wife and a murdered marine corporel.

Episode 11: Homesick: The NCIS team is racing against the clock against a virulent infection. The infection is spreading through military families with children being the biggest victims.

Episode 12: Kill Chain: The NCIS team is racing to prevent a terrorist bombing. To do so they partner up with the Department of Defense.

Episode 13: Double Back: Tim is having some trouble adjusting to the fact that Delilah will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Gibbs leads the team on a hunt for one of Parsa’s main partners.

Episode 14: Monsters and Men: The hunt for Parsa (played by Karan Oberoi) continues. Gibbs is surprised to find out that Bishop has been deeply involved with Parsa for years.

Episode 15: Bulletproof: NCIS begins working on a case involving a truck full of defective military battle armor and rifles. Abby (played by Pauley Perrette) goes after the manufacturer of the armor.

Episode 16: Dressed to Kill: Tony’s father (played by Robert Wagner) is in town on a surprise visit. A private investigator dressed in a naval uniform draws his gun on Tony, who is forced to gun him down.

Episode 17: Rock and a Hard Place: A bombing occurs at a USO charity rock concert and the NCIS team is called in to investigate. Tony works to protect Manheim Gold (played by Keith Carradine), the apparent target of the bombing.

Episode 18: Crescent City (Part 1): Gibbs works with a former colleague and the FBI on a case involving the murder of a congressman. As the team begins working on the case in New Orleans they realize that the Privileged Killer might be at it again.

Episode 19: Crescent City (Part 2): Gibbs and Special Agent Pride (played by Scott Bakula) get some new leads and think the killing was the result of a copycat killer. The killer has struck before and seems to not be stopping.

Episode 20: Page Not Found: Delilah returns to work and right away cracks open a case. When her superior tells her to leave it alone she takes what she knows to NCIS.

Episode 21: Alleged: The body of a naval officer is found in the street and the marks on his body indicate he was in a fight before his death. The NCIS tries to figure out who he fought with and why.

Episode 22: Shooter: The NCIS tries to locate a marine photographer who disappears before testifying in an Army court martial hearing. Abby tries to convince a young homeless woman to contact her family.

Episode 23: The Admiral’s Daughter: Director Nance (played Rocky Carroll) tasks Tony with bringing home from France an admiral’s daughter. Tony soon discovers that she is not simply a wayward daughter but is involved in murder and espionage.

Episode 24: Honor Thy Father: The NCIS team works on a case involving a fire aboard a navy ship that is actually a secret detention site. Gibbs returns home to deal with the death of his father.

Special Features: Celebrating 250, NCIS in New Orleans, Game Change, Remembering Jackson Gibbs: A Tribute to Ralph Waite, On the Record, Finding Ellie Bishop, In the Style of the Night, Background Check, Joe Spano: Fornell for Real

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