Red vs. Blue: Season 12 – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

red vs blue season 12This is the longest running web series in history. It tells the tale of the space machines who are rather bungling and comical. It is rather bizarre that it is released on blu-ray/DVD as it is available for free online.

The good thing about the series is that you don’t have to have seen the entire series to understand what is going on. Meaning you can start watching at any point and still enjoy and understand everything.

Episode 1: Oh Captains, My Captains: An attempt to penetrate a mining facility goes all wrong for the New Republic.

Episode 2: Hit and Run: With the goal of blowing up a Federal Army outpost, Felix and Tuck take a bunch of Republic soldiers.

Episode 3: Something Else Entirely: Making a deal with Reds and Blues, Kimball gets them to get a small team together to attempt a rescue of their friends before they are moved to the capital.

Episode 4: Teaming With Problems: As they are putting together an elite rescue team the Reds and Blues run into some problems.

Episode 5: Training Daze: Along with their selected recruits the Reds and Blues begin their training.

Episode 6: Reflections: Kimball has a talk to Tucker about Felix’s past and his connection to Locus.

Episode 7: Self Assessment: Deciding to go ahead of schedule with the rescue mission the Reds and Blues leave without their recruits.

Episode 8: Thin Ice: Arriving at the compound and attempting to break in the Reds and Blues begin their mission.

Episode 9: The Federal Army of Chorus: A few weeks before their scheduled meet up with their friends, Wash, Sarge, Donut and Lopez uncover the Federal Army of Chorus’ real plan.

Episode 10: Cloak and Dagger: The Reds and Blues are together again and they find out the truth behind the Chorus’ warring factions and develop a way to end the war. While doing so they come under an unforeseen attack.

Episode 11: Long Time No See: A few weeks before they plan to rescue their friends, Carolina and Epsilon break into the F.A.C. Munitions Plant with the aim of gathering information from a group of mercenaries.

Episode 12: The Reunion: Carolina and Epsilon are back together and they tell the Blood Gulch Crew about the mercenaries. They now plan their next move.

Episode 13: Catch Up, No Mustard: The manufactured alien technology is analyzed more by the Blood Gulch Crew.

Episode 14: Crash Site Crashers: At the crash locales of Bravo and Alpha the Blood Gulch Crew investigate the two parts of the UNSC ship.

Episode 15: Accentuate the Interrogative: The Blood Gulch Crew question the enemy after narrowly avoiding being ambushed by a space pirate.

Episode 16: Out of the Frying Pan: Both the Federal Army of Chorus and the New Republic get ready for the impending battle.

Episode 17: Multiple Choice: Felix and Locus offer the Reds and Blues a deal. Armonia is infiltrated by the New Republic.

Episode 18: Fed vs. New: The Space Pirates and the Blood Gulch Crew begin a battle. At the same time the Federal Army and the New Republic begin a battle in Armonia.

Episode 19: You Know Who You Are: The Feds and the Rebels agree on a truce and the Blood Gulch Crew discover who the Control is.

Special Features: Character Journal Entries, Blooper Reel, Deleted Scenes, 4 PSAs, Teaser Trailer

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