Archer Vice: The Complete Fifth Season – Blu-ray Edition

archer season 5Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) views himself as a competent and suave spy whereas he is really pretty incompetent and a sexist pig. He works for ISIS, an international spy agency run by his mother, Malory (voiced by Jessica Walter). Malory being the boss is really the only reason Archer still has a job that and somehow despite his bumbling ways he ends up getting his man.

Episode 1: White Elephant: The headquarters of ISIS is raided by the FBI. Lana and Archer try to figure out a way to free their co-workers while Malory works on a deal.

Episode 2: Archer Vice: A Kiss While Dying: Archer, Lana and Pam (voiced by Amber Nash) travel together to visit some old friends in Miami. It turns into a fondue party.

Episode 3: Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor: Pam has been targeted for death by the Yakuza. The group tries to come up with a way to get themselves of financial trouble.

Episode 4: Archer Vice: House Call: Archer holds an intervention for Pam. The intervention is knocked off the tracks by an unwanted guest.

Episode 5: Archer Vice: Southbound and Down: Malory buys a bus and takes everyone on a road trip.

Episode 6: Archer Vice: Baby Shower: Lana’s baby shower is being planned. Archer and Pam try to get Kenny Loggins to play at the shower.

Episode 7: Archer Vice: Smugglers’ Blues: Archer goes to Columbia on a secret mission. After he has too much to drink it is no longer a secret.

Episode 8: Archer Vice: The Rules of Extraction: Lana and Pam plan a spa day for Malory. Archer, Ray (voiced by Adam Reed) and Cyril (voiced by Chris Parnell) raft down a crocodile infested river.

Episode 9: Archer Vice: On the Carpet: Archer narrowly avoids crash landing in a dangerous swamp. After getting out of that situation he finds himself in trouble again due to an arms dealer (voiced by Christian Slater).

Episode 10: Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue – Part 1: Archer and the entire ISIS crew find themselves guests of Gustavo Calderon (voiced by Fred Armisen) and his wife Juliana (voiced by Lauren Cohan). Calderon hits it off with Cherlene (voiced by Judy Greer) while his wife is interested in Archer.

Episode 11: Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue – Part 2: Archer tries to keep it a secret that he is sleeping with the dictator’s wife. Krieger (voiced by Lucky Yates) takes the time to get close to his clones.

Episode 12: Archer Vice: Filibuster: San Marcos gets itself a new president – Cyril. Archer is a resistance fighter and Cherlene is the first lady of country music.

Episode 13: Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure: Lana (voiced by Aisha Tyler) is trying to give birth. It comes to light that the cocaine-case was a secret agreement between Malory and the CIA.

Special Features: “Midnight Blues” Music Video by Cherlene Tunt, Cherlene Tunt Interview on Wake Up Country, Old MacDonald Pam Poovey Had a Farm, The Musical

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