Nicki Minaj – The Pinkprint

nicki minaj the pinkprintI think when we all have some distance from it we will realize that The Pinkprint is Nicki Minaj’s Purple Rain. Meaning that it is the best body of work from her entire career. Overstating things? Only time will tell. Instead of hiding behind a glam character she constructed now she is using her unique version of hip hop in order to reveal who she really is. According to her, anyways. Yes, you still get silly tracks like the wildly infectious and hilarious “Anaconda”, but you also get some ripe with introspection. All ego you say. Maybe, but she has one of the more interesting and talented egos in music today. There is also less cartoon and more of a harder edge on the album. It just feels and sounds realer. A brave thing to do when your former method was selling millions of albums. A long way to fall with that change of course, but Minaj just keeps rising. With an album like this you have to say that she is throwing down the gauntlet to the other contender to the female hip hop throne – Beyoncé. Smart enough to keep her enemies (or rivals) close, she even features Lady B on the track “Feeling Myself”. Side by side there is little to criticize about one or the other; they just show what they both can bring to a song. Not afraid to share the spotlight, Minaj also has brought on Drake and Lil Wayne to stand beside her as well as showing she has an ear for great female voices Jessie Ware, Skylar Grey and Ariana Grande also make vocal appearances. Part of this confidence has to come from the fact that her rap delivery has improved. Less robot and more word/vocal skills being shown. With the deluxe edition of the album you get twenty marvellous songs to revel in and move your body to. Despite the high expectations fans and the music world had for this album she has managed to meet and then exceed them. All hail the queen. She has to be ascended to rap royalty with this album and all its grandeur and bigness.

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