Girls: The Complete Third Season – Blu-ray Edition

girls the complete third seasonGiving us a semi peek (it is apparently semi-autobiographical) into her own life is the series Girls and its star, Lena Dunham. A window into the life of a certain type of girl (educated, white, twenty-something and of a certain economic stature) the series goes where others fear to tread whether it be frank talk about sex, female friendship or romance. This season Hannah (played by Lena Dunham) and Adam’s (played by Adam Driver) relationship is reaching an almost adult niveau as she is trying to inject some life into her stalled writing career. Marnie (played by Alison Williams) is trying to achieve the sort of life she feels she deserves. Shoshanna (played by Zosia Mamet), who is single and near the end of her studies, tries to figure out how to successfully juggle her desire to keep partying and studying. Jessa (played by Jemima Kirke) begins a different sort of father-daughter relationship with an older man. All these changes and stresses on the girls’ lives affects their friendships in different ways with one another.


Episode 1: Females Only: Shoshanna tries to get a handle on having time for a lot of sex while keeping up with her studies at the same time. Marnie is having to accept that her and Charlie (played by Christopher Abbott) are through.


Episode 2: Truth or Dare: Marnie goes about getting her own place to live. Shoshanna and Hannah are taken on a road trip by Adam.


Episode 3: She Said Ok: Marnie takes over the planning of Hannah’s twenty-fifth birthday party. Adam gets a visit from someone unexpected.


Episode 4: Dead Inside: Hannah is dealing with an unexpected death. A video that Charlie posted makes its presence known.


Episode 5: Only Child: Hannah is invited to a book event and there finds out her eBook deal is in trouble. Jessa goes about making some good changes to her life.


Episode 6: Free Snacks: Hannah worries about her new job at GQ and the effect it will have on her creativity. Shoshanna sees how successful Ray (played by Alex Karpovsky) has become and second guesses breaking up with him.


Episode 7: Beach House: The girls get away for the weekend at a Long Island beach house. Hannah meets Elijah (played by Andrew Rannells) and invites him and his friends to join them.


Episode 8: Incidentals: Hannah is given the assignment of interviewing Patti LuPone. Jessa gets an unexpected visit.


Episode 9: Flo: Hannah visits her grandmother in the hospital. There she gets an odd request from her mother and decides to go afterwards for a drink with her cousin.


Episode 10: Role-Play: Marnie begins her new job at an art gallery. Hannah is worried about her relationship with Adam.


Episode 11: I Saw You: Jessa starts looking for a job. Hannah talks Elijah into helping her finish an assignment.


Episode 12: Two Plane Rides: Jessa’s boss asks her for a favour. Marnie and Jessa tell Shoshanna a secret.


Special Features: Inside the Episodes, Deleted & Extended Scenes, Lutheran Healthcare Honors Lena, The Making of Girls, Gag Reel, Season 2 Recap, Episodic Recaps, Marnie Michaels “What I Am”, Marnie & Desi “Bet on Me”, Lil Frexxx “Dancin’ on his D”, Digital Copy


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