Various Artists – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Original Motion Picture Score

the hunger games mokcingjay part one soundtrackAs this was a dark installment of The Hunger Games film series it makes sense that Lorde was asked to curate the soundtrack. With her gothy look and somber tone she seems like she would be a perfect fit to construct a soundtrack with that type of darker mood. Despite her young age (18-years-old) she seems to possess a wisdom that is beyond her years and she shows that on this soundtrack. It is a very moody group of songs that fit perfectly with the mood of the film. The music is varied with a little bit of everything. It is like Lorde has gone ahead and made a mixtape of songs she enjoys. You get Bat for Lashes beside Pusha T of Clipse and Chvrches beside Miguel. There are moments of goth, dance, hip hop and indie music. Even a power ballad to round things out. All of the songs reflect the young woman in charge in that they are all quite forceful and concentrated no matter which genre they are from. The two most interesting tracks on the album are “Kingdom” and “Original Beast”. I say most interesting because unlike the other tracks which are by twentysomethings or even teenagers these two are by music veterans Simon LeBon and Grace Jones. Besides that you get three new tracks from Lorde herself. The best is the single “Yellow Flicker Beat” which was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

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