Grace: The Possession

grace the possessionIn a recent review of a horror film I stated my contention of how this is a very difficult genre to do well. Jeff Chan’s (first film) Grace: The Possession is a perfect example of this.  A cool idea that is badly executed.  Something was lost between the idea and transferring it onto the big screen.  This one is so bad that at times it is laughable rather than scary.


A naïve, sheltered teenage girl named Grace (Alexia Fast – The Captive, Jack Reacher) leaves her small town against the wishes of her grandmother (Lin Shaye – There’s Something About Mary, Insidious), who has raised her after the death of her mother during childbirth, to attend college.  Brought up in a strict religious environment needless to say some things at college come as a big surprise to her.


Her first eye opening experience comes courtesy of her dorm roommate (Alexis Knapp – Pitch Perfect, Couples Retreat), a hard partying and drinking girl.  Second comes attending a party on campus and drinking for the first time.  That night she starts having hallucinations and behaving oddly.  It ends up with her in the hospital and then being taken home by her grandmother.


After a few days rest Grace wants to return to college, but her grandmother tells her she withdrew her from school and she is to stay at home.  Her grandmother is fearful that she is becoming wild and will get pregnant at a young age like her mother did.  After the hallucinations and odd happenings keep occurring Grace fears there is something more evil happening to her.


Grace is told from the point of view of the possessed person which is a rather unique look at this commonly used story in the horror genre.  We are getting a taste of something different and yet it doesn’t work to its full potential because it is just so poorly executed.  The budget is low, the acting is horrible and the horror aspect is weak.  Meaning it is never really frightening at all.


Special Features:

-Previews of The Remaining, The Calling, Predestination, Operation Rogue, Sniper: Legacy, Deliver Us From Evil

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