Marianne Faithful – Give My Love to London

marianne faithful give my love to londonThat voice. The way she carries herself. Everything about rock goddess Marianne Faithful makes you want to love her and be like her. It is great to hear this legend’s voice again as it is so distinctive and unique. Glad to see that it has held up over the years (she is celebrating her fiftieth year in music) as well as it is such a big part of her musical identity. Sometimes her theatrical approach to music overwhelms people but on this outing there is a rockier approach made. There is enough smoky Marianne delivery involved however that the music just completely draws you in. So self-assured that she can tackle a cover like Leonard Cohen’s “ Going Home” and do it more than justice. There are other top notch covers to discover as well. On top her own brand of excellence Marianne brings on her equally talented musical friends like Steve Earle, Nick Cave and Roger Waters. Lots of musical acumen in one little package. The only downside to the album is its shortness at only around forty minutes.

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