Pitbull – Globalization

pitbull globalizationFor this guy the party never stops (like he raps in one of his songs). All of his music is to that end – perfect for parties and dancing. On Globalization it is like he is trying to unite the world through music. Bringing together all kinds of party music like pop, reggae, salsa, hip hop and EDM Pitbull is a man on a mission. His worldwide party brings musical flavours from Miami (his hometown) and Brazil. The Brazil part was brought on because the first single off the album was the 2014 World Cup theme song, “We Are One”. Another anthem about unification. And the theme continues. Next up was the single “Fireball” which became another big hit and is a lot of fun. Like many artists today Pitbull has invited many of his musical friends to make guest appearances on the album so you get a little bit of Juicy J, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown and Neyo as well. Like most Pitbull albums this is not deep stuff (though there is one song, “Time Of Our Lives”, where he shows a little socio-economic savoir faire) but contains a heck of a lot of fun and tunes that will all over the radio and the top of the charts for some time.

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