David Guetta – Listen

david guetta listenMore and more it seems like an album from uber-DJ David Guetta is an attempt at a party. He brings all the music that you would need to keep the dance floor packed at any fête you are hosting. To that end he does not do it alone because any good party needs party people. The Frenchman’s party people list is impressive as it includes vocalist/songwriter du jour Sia, Nicki Minaj, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and Mr. Smooth, John Legend. As you would expect if you are familiar with his music the lyrics are not exactly poetic or deep but that is not really what you would turn to David Guetta for. He does not reinvent the wheel in that he uses the same hit making formula as on his last album. Why try to fix what ain’t broke? A mixture of dance, pop and electronic music with pulsating beats and catchy hooks. Like his previous efforts the entire thing is very listenable if you are in the mood for some dance music.

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