Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special

jeff dunhams very special christmasEven though we are coming up on the end of January a way that you can extend the holiday season is picking up comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas DVD. Filmed at Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee, Dunham along with the help of his puppets Walter, Peanut, Bubba J., José Jalapeno and Achmed the Dead Terrorist he is all about Christmas songs, traditions and cheer. Kind of…


Though the man behind the puppets is excited about the Christmas season that does not mean his trusty puppets are.  Especially Walter. The curmudgeon is doing his best Grinch impersonation. Everything about the season seems to make him grumpy and that means more laughs for the audience.  Walter’s ill humour is followed by Christmas stories and even a couple of original songs like “Jingle Bombs” by Achmed, “Roadkill Christmas” by Bubba J. and “The Night Before Christmas” by Peanut.


At the beginning of his career Jeff Dunham’s puppets were considered original and brought a freshness to stand-up comedy. Many years have passed and his comedy style is becoming a little stale. A little gimmicky. No new twists or fresh material. Though, at least in Milwaukee, those in attendance at the show still seem to find him funny, so maybe I’m the problem.


Special Features: Ask Santa, Christmas Tips, Sleigh Ride, Photoshoot, At the Show + The T-Shirt Bazookas, More Jeff Dunham Stuff!

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