Return to Me – Blu-ray Edition

return to meIn Return to Me, Bob Rueland (David Duchovny – from television’s The X-Files) is a contractor who is married to his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth (Joely Richardson – The Patriot, 101 Dalmatians), a veterinarian who works with the apes at the local zoo. After a fund raising evening to raise money to build the apes a better habitat, Elizabeth is killed in a car accident.


Grace Briggs (Minnie Driver – Circle of Friends, The Governess) is a young woman who needs a heart transplant. A miracle occurs when they find a donor for her and she gets a new heart. Grace works as a waitress in her grandfather’s (Caroll O’Connor – from television’s All in the Family) Irish Italian restaurant and meets Bob while he is on a bad blind date. The attraction is immediate and they find themselves falling in love. She is hesitant to tell Bob about her heart as once people know they tend to treat her differently and she does not want that to happen between them.


Everything is going smoothly until Grace sees a letter in Bob’s bedroom that changes everything. Bob withdraws from Grace and she leaves for Italy. Can their love survive this revelation?


Return to Me is along the lines of your classic romantic comedy. A couple meets, falls in love and then there is an obstacle to them being together. The film is not an original one, but is enjoyable nevertheless due to good direction from Bonnie Hunt (television’s Life With Bonnie), a clever script (Bonnie Hunt also helped to write it) and the likeable cast. A good Friday night, sitting on the couch with your loved one type film.


Special Features:

-Deleted Scene

-“What If I Loved You” Music Video



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