Leonard Cohen – Live in Dublin (3 CDs & 1 Blu-ray)

leonard cohen live in dublinOn September 12, 2013 the Leonard Cohen concert was recorded for those of us who were not there to enjoy. It was part of his sold out 2012-13 world tour and shows that despite his age he still has “it” on stage. Incredibly that voice has still maintained its liquid gold tone – deep and rich. Even while just listening (and not watching) you can feel the connection he makes through his poetic music with the audience. There are not many performers who can achieve that level of intimacy between themselves and thousands of people in the audience. Makes it feel like he is singing to you in your living room. The ability to do this is helped out by the crystal clear sound of the recording. As for the songs he selects listening to this is like playing It’s Your Life with the man from Montreal. Songs like “Bird on a Wire”, “Suzanne”, “Famous Blue Raincoat” and “Hallelujah” right up to some new ones from his last album, Old Ideas.

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