Genesis: Sum of the Parts – Blu-ray Edition

genesis sum of all partsFor several decades this band from England made significant contributions to music. Though the band line-up changed over the years they still managed to create something that music fans connected to whether they were playing full out pop, rock or even progressive rock music. Amazingly this is the first history or coverage of the band throughout its years.


Using interviews, old performances, unseen footage and archival footage the entire story of the band is laid out in front of the viewer. The peaks and valleys what allowed them to continue to have chemistry despite the fact that members came and went plus went outside the group to have solo careers then came back.


Starting with their formation in 1967 their musical history and story comes out. In the beginning  it was all about progressive rock and albums like Foxtrot, Selling England by the Pound and The Lambs Lie Down on Broadway brought them to the forefront. In the eighties and nineties they became a pop rock force courtesy of songs like “Turn It On Again”, “Invisible Touch” and “I Can’t Dance”. Their popularity lasts right on up to today with the proof that in 2007 they played a show in front of 500,000 people.


This documentary contains the previously aired BBC production Together and Apart then goes further with thirty minutes of unseen/unaired footage.


Special Features: Unused Interview Scenes