Nickelback – No Fixed Address

nickelback no fixed addressIt seems like there are no music fans that are indifferent about Canadian rock band Nickelback. They seem to elicit feelings of either love or hate with no one in the middle. Their routine of recording rock anthems is their bread and butter though as they allude to in the title of the album No Fixed Address they have seem to have forgotten where they live. On their latest album the working class (from millionaires) head bangers are few and far between with only two of eleven qualifying. The rest sounds like they are trying to morph into a pure pop band a la Maroon 5. There is some pop punk courtesy of the track “She Keeps Me Up” thrown in for good measure. I am totally going to ignore their foray into rock rap (with Flo Rida) as it is so bad that I want to wipe it from my memory. Are they trying to reinvent themselves? Are they aiming at new fans and damn those brave souls who have stuck with them up to this point? Whatever they are doing it really doesn’t work. Did they take the years off they did because they had lost their musical way? Because that is exactly what the music on this album sounds like.

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