Estelle – True Romance

estelle true romanceMusic allows you to travel through time and space courtesy of its magical qualities. It is like using a time machine to go back one hour or ten years. Brit R&B artist Estelle understands that very well and uses it to her benefit. Via her fourth album True Romance she transports us to the seventies (“Silly Girls”), nineties (“Something Good”) and today (“Conquerer”) musically and into the life and path of a relationship. Estelle’s? It doesn’t really matter. Will be easily relatable to by those in between relationships. You really get a feel for what happens and the feelings involved as the theme runs through several songs. What I like is that she has a very modern sound but is not afraid to use different influences that you usually do not get in today’s pop or R&B music. Seamlessly she mixes in African and Caribbean beats in a way that is unexpected. Keeping it fresh. Looking forward to her future musically because her sound is always evolving.

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