The Remaining

the remainingThe Biblical end of the world or the rapture is something that humans have mused about almost since the beginning of time. We have thought and worried about it for millennium. In today’s world where we are preoccupied with wondering what a post-apocalyptic world would be like it totally makes sense that a religious version of this story would be made into a film.

A group of twentysomething close friends are all together because two of them are getting married. Right as the wedding is beginning a series of very weird and frightening events occur. People suddenly just start dropping dead and the weather becomes rather dangerous. After some manage to get away and to shelter the bride Skylar (Alexa PenaVarga – Nine Months, Twister) states that she believes that this is the Rapture that is described in the Bible. This is the story in the Bible in which all the evil or non-believers in the world are killed via different disasters and plagues while the believers are brought up to Heaven. Within the group there are some believers and non-believers, so not all her friends believe her. When a few more inexplicable things begin occurring and more start dying those remaining begin to believer her and start looking for a way to survive.

Admittedly most religious or spiritual films are rather poor in quality due to several reasons mostly lack of big budget. When I saw that this was a religious film combined with a horror/disaster story I had my doubts. Soon in I saw that it was attempting to be a spiritual Cloverfield-type picture, but it doesn’t quite make it.

Those of you out there who are Christians and action/horror film fans might find a way to enjoy the film though I doubt it because being those two things does not mean your ability to judge quality goes out the window. This is very much a b-movie and that does not preclude it right off the hop from being good (in a low-budget, cheesy kind of way). What does make it bad is the horrible lack of pacing of the story, bad acting and a ton of scenes that feel like they were just thrown together in the hope that they would make a movie in the end. It all did not come together in the end.

What I found most offensive and distasteful about the film is its message of how the believers are going to be saved while those with doubts or non-believers are to be mercilessly slaughtered. Not a very Christian message. It is not subtle nor forgiving or open minded.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scene: Tommy Apologizes to Jack
-Divine Revelations: Making The Remaining
-Previews of When the Game Stands Tall, Soul Surfer, To Save a Life, The Song

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