Curious George: The Complete Seventh Season

curious george the complete seventh seasonNow who doesn’t like a monkey?! Especially a cute and curious monkey like George. For a couple of generations Curious George has made people of all ages (but especially young ones) have laughed with and loved the little brown monkey. The Curious George series has won two daytime Emmy Awards over its seven seasons on PBS. If your kids have read the books then they will love the fun and colourful series that brings George and the Man in the Yellow Hat to life.


Episode 1: Monkey Down Under: George is excited as he is traveling to Australia. Bailey Bungee and her daughter Bindy are taking George and the Man in the Yellow Hat on a safari.


Episode 2: Bright Lights, Little Monkeys: George wants to go down by the lake to get pictures of Pursions. They are best seen early, early in the morning so he and two of his friends get up early and bring his camera along on the search.


Episode 3: Sir George and the Dragon: George is in rehearsals for the play. Things look dire when Charkey the dog destroys all the props and the set.


Episode 4: We Otter Be Friends: Mr. Quinn gives the Man in the Yellow Hat and George the only key for the boat. The two go off exploring in it.


Episode 5: Hundley Jr.: Hundley is excited as he’s in charge of the building while the doorman is off taking classes. He makes a new friend of a caterpillar he calls Hundley Jr.


Episode 6: Curious George Gets Winded: George’s friend bill aims to be a perfect newspaper deliverer. On the day he is about to earn his Golden Pouch a snowstorm happens.


Episode 7: Where’s the Firedog?: George makes a new friend, Blaze the fire station dog. Now he has to figure out how to stop him from running away.


Episode 8: Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye: The Man in the Yellow Hat is sick and George tries to make him feel better. George learns all about germs.


Episode 9: Curious George’s Egg Hunt: George and his friends find a bird’s egg in the park. Now he has to figure out which nest to return it to.


Episode 10: Honey of a Monkey: George learns all about bees and how they make honey. Steve and George decide to build their own hive.


Episode 11: George and Allie’s Lawn Service: George is in the country visiting the Rankin’s farm. Allie and George have their hands full keeping two baby goats out of trouble.


Episode 12: Curious George’s Scavenger Hunt: George participates in the animal shelter scavenger hunt. This year Chef Pisghetti hopes to beat his cousin who always wins.


Special Features: Previews of Proud Sponsors of Curious George

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